Section 2


This section is about desirable attitudes and approaches for engaging with contentious religious and theological issues.

  • Gateway 2.1/2.4 Demonstrating respect for cultures and religions; Adopting an impartial stance while teaching
  • Gateway 2.2 Displaying sensitivity to the home backgrounds and the beliefs of pupils
  • Gateway 2.3 Using display to reflect Britain's diverse society
  • Gateway 2.5 Advantages and challenges of diversity within communities
  • Gateway 2.6/2.9 Developing the skills necessary for discussion and balanced decision making; Managing discussion effectively
  • Gateway 2.7/2.8 Encouraging pupils to express their own ideas and beliefs in a sensitive and respectful way, even when those ideas and beliefs are negative or controversial; Challenging prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping
  • Gateway 2.10 Effective learning outside the classroom (LOtC) in RE
  • Gateway 2.11 Equality, diversity and building resilience to extremism
  • Gateway 2.12 Engaging appropriate speakers with different beliefs and religious perspectives
  • Gateway 2.13 Internet sites which promote hatred or violence
  • Gateway 2.14 Pupil voice